Summit Extreme pairs fitness + fun. Our classes develop strength, power, speed, accuracy, agility, balance and coordination.


  Are you ready to be a Ninja Warrior?  SGA has Ninja classes for ages 4 through 12 – with Open Extreme and Summit Freestyle available for ages 8 through adult.


  We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes during the week, as well as a drop in Open Extreme on Friday nights.  Come in sometime and try your Ninja powers!

Ninja Warrior:

Flagstaff's first Ninja Warrior program! With three warped walls (8, 12, & 15 feet high!), a kid-sized Cannonball Alley, Quintuple Steps, and more, this obstacle course-based program teaches kids to conquer any terrain while developing strength and agility.


For ages 6-12, plus a Mini Ninja class for 4-5 year olds.


Call (928)526-0644 to schedule a trial class!




SGA Freestyle offers our winter athletes the opportunity to train year round, working on their grabbing, flipping and twisting for the half pipe and more!


You can use specifically designed foam skis and boards on the trampoline or take your skills into the foam pit to be more adventurous knowing you have a safe landing!

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