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Upcoming Competition Dates:

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WNL Qualifiers

We are hosting qualifiers for the world’s leading ninja obstacle course organization. This is the premier obstacle league for ninja competitions. Season 9 qualifiers will qualify athletes for the regional competition to be hosted the weekend of May 18th-19th, 2024, at Summit Ninja Warrior.

Apr 14th - WNL Qualifier Full Course

Course type rules:

Schedule: Age as of Jan 1st, 2024

Kids (6-8) 8AM

Mature Kids (9-10) 10:30AM

Preteens (11-12) 1PM

Teens and Young Adults (13-17) 3PM

Adults and Master (18+) 4:30PM

Elites (15+) 4:30PM

Price for all qualifiers: $60

WNL Regionals


May 18&19 - WNL Rocky Mountain Regional Competition

Must qualify for this competition via a WNL qualifier competiton.

This is a two stage competition, with a flow course and a challenge course.

Schedule: Age as of Jan 1st, 2024

Sat May 18th
Course 1 Flow Course (age as of Jan 1st, 2024)
8AM Kids Division (6-8 yrs)
10AM Mature Kids Division (9-10 yrs)
12PM Preteen Division (11-12)
Course 2 Challenge Course 
2:30PM Kids Division (6-8 yrs)
4:30PM Mature Kids Division (9-10 yrs)
6:30PM Preteen Division (11-12)

Sun May 19th
Flow Course
9AM Teens and Young Adults (13-14yrs, 15-17 yrs)
10:30PM Masters and Adults (40+ yrs, 18+ yrs)
12PM Elite (15+)
Challenge Course
2PM Teens and Young Adults 
4PM Masters and Adults 
6PM Elite 

To register:

 Follow the directions below to enter the Parent Portal. You will find the competitions in "Find Events." Search for the date of the competition you would like to register for and complete the questionaire. Cards are required on file for competition  registration. 

How to access the Parent Portal if you have an existing account:

  1. Access the portal via the email address you provided on our waiver.
  2. To set or reset your password, click "Reset Password." You will be sent an email to set your password and access your account.

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How to access the Parent Portal if you are a new customer:  

  1. Fill out our registration and liability waiver linked below.
  2. The email and password you provide in the waiver will be your Parent Portal email login and password.

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