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Competition Dates:

January 15th, 2022: National Ninja League Skills Qualifier

Price: $60

Description: This is a nationally ranked competition that allows athletes to take competition as far as they would like. Whether that is just one fun competition, or all the way to the World stage at the biggest Ninja competition in the World, NNL Worlds.

Skills Qualifier: Athletes will receive individual skills rankings and an overall ranking. The individual skills ranking originates from the athlete’s performance on each independent skill at the event and the overall ranking is a combination of all independent skills rankings calculated together.

Feb 19&20 NNL West Coast Regional Championship

Athletes must qualify for this competition through one of the many NNL West Coast Qualifiers. This competition is how one can qualify for NNL World Championships come April. The top 35% of those that compete at Regionals will move onto the World Championship.

Price: $100

Tentative schedule:

Feb. 19th: Kids, Mature Kids, Preteens, and Teens

Feb. 20th: Young Adults, Adults, Masters, and Elite

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