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Nimble Noggins Tuition Policy During Closure

By management, 03/22/20, 2:30PM MST


Dear Nimble Noggins Families,

Thank you for your support as we navigate COVID-19. We appreciate the messages of support and encouragement during these unprecedented times. The loyalty and love felt from our families is a reminder of why we love what we do. In a time of very difficult decisions, it is appreciated more than ever!

Pause in Operations:

We feel it is our community responsibility to help stop further spread of the virus. We announced earlier this week that Nimble Noggins will remain closed until April 1s. At that point we will re-evaluate our decision and communicate accordingly.

Just like yourselves, we have no idea what the next day, hour, minute will bring. We have no 'insider' information regarding childcare centers and any government mandates that may or may not happen. This is a very difficult and confusing time for all of us and as challenging as it is, we are doing our best to remain positive. We yearn for normalcy and the day we can see all of your children’s’ bright smiling faces again.

Our Promise to our Families:

Through this pandemic, we are committed to taking care of as many of our devoted, loving teachers as possible for as long as we can. We are also committed to weathering this storm to be here for you and your children when the dust settles. To whatever extent necessary, every dollar we have will be pledged to our recovery and rebuilding. At the moment, we are paying as much we can, to as many staff as we can, while still servicing building expenses, debt, and insurance payments.

To come back strong (which means staying current with payments and retaining our wonderful teachers and staff) requires careful budgeting and you can help our cause significantly if you are in a position to do so.

We have arranged five options for tuition should we have to remain closed beyond April 1st.  Please note, we will be handling tuition on a weekly basis for the remainder of our closure. If you do not have a credit card on file, please contact Nicole (928) 699-4369 to put one on file to participate in these weekly options.


1.    Continue to pay your monthly tuition in full, because you are awesome and can forever feel good about helping to save our small business J!  In return, you will receive our eternal gratitude, plus a thank you basket filled with Summit swag, coupons, and free passes to various Summit activities.

2.    Remain enrolled and pay your full tuition during our closure. In turn, upon reopening, your loyalty will     be rewarded by receiving free tuition for as many weeks as we are closed. This will be applied as credit  to your account and can be used spread evenly over the next 10 months (or less if you are not enrolled that long). Example: If you pay $625 for the month for full-time preschool tuition, your weekly payment would be $156.25. Assuming a closure of 4 weeks, you will have $625 credit on your account. If you are staying through next school year, we will apply $62.50 of your credit towards each month tuition over the next 10 months. *If your child is going to kindergarten, this credit can be applied to any Summit Gymnastics activity.

3.    Remain enrolled, paying 50% tuition through the closure. In turn for your loyalty, upon reopening you will receive 10% off tuition for as many weeks as we were closed. Example: If you pay $625 for the month for full-time preschool tuition, your weekly payment would be $156.25. Your new weekly payment will be $78.13 for the remainder of the closure. Assuming a closure of 4 weeks you will receive 10% off the next 4 weeks tuition, bringing your May tuition down to $526.50. *For families planning to be done in May, if our closure exceeds 4 weeks, your % discount will be credited to your account. You can continue to use this reward towards any of Summit Gymnastics activities, including birthday parties, open gyms, classes, camps, Kids Night Outs, etc.

4.     Pay a weekly hold spot fee of 25% your normal tuition. Upon reopening, your spot will be secured with no additional fees due.

5.    Withdraw your child and we will re-enroll as space allows upon reopening.


**Before and after care will be removed from tuition.

We know this tuition policy is complex and perhaps confusing. If you would like to discuss it for further clarification, please call Nicole (928) 699-4369.

Please email your decision of option 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to Director, Nicole Weatherhead ( before April 1st. You may change your option at any time if your financial situation changes.

None of us know how long this will last. We recognize that some families are already being financially impacted in large ways. Please reach out, we will do our best to help figure out the best course of action.

In the Interim:

Please stay in touch. We pledge to do our best to continue to reach your children through email. Be on the lookout for those to start this week. I'm sure your little ones will be excited to see their teacher's smiling face!